Our story

True Grain is a labor of love. Years ago we began milling in the garage below our apartment in the the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago in pursuit of a better loaf of whole grain sourdough bread. 2020 brought COVID-19, and in the ensuing flour shortage, email flooded in from friends and neighbors asking if we were still running that old stone mill. Word spread from a few friends, to our neighborhood, and then to thousands of Chicagoans, eager to take their passion for baking to the next level, support local, sustainable agriculture, and explore the peaceful and rewarding art of artisan home baking.

Quarantined, distanced, but determined to connect, this city has seen a renaissance of passionate home baking. True Grain exists to feed that new-found vivacity with the best food, grown by masterful and responsible farmers, and milled with creativity, precision, and care.