Mission Statement

To take up a practice like artisan home baking is to make a significant investment of one’s time, attention, and care. Often, this is driven by one of humanity’s most noble sentiments: the desire to create something unique and meaningful for our loved ones. We show our love in numerous ways, but there is something special about that which is crafted by hand. In it we excavate a piece of ourselves, and we hope that, imperfect as it may be, this assay finds its way into the bodies and souls of our friends and family. In the end, to bake bread is less about the impulse to eat, and more about the desire to be eaten – to nourish, to enliven, and to inspire. We know that this craft deserves the best possible ingredients. When we create our flours, when we analyze new crops, when we test new blends, we hold our work to the high standard of this very personal and meaningful craft. If the flour is not worthy of the gift into which it will be formed, we keep working. That’s not a “promise” tacked onto a cold, stainless-steel factory. It’s the quarried, granite reason for our existence.